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You want to develop professionally as a goalkeeper coach? Our Coaches Academy is the only digital training database worldwide for goalkeeper coaches. We offer various structured online trainings on demand, which you can access anytime you want. This way you can build your own digital knowledge database for goalkeeping and bring your further education on a new level!

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Course Tactic


Course description: Our new course is all about the big theme tactics. Which basic position and positioning does the goalkeeper take and when? How does the goalkeeper organize his team? How should the goalkeeper behave tactically in set pieces? What options does the goalkeeper have in the event of a kick-off? How can the goalkeeper's decision-making be specifically trained?

Experts: Goalkeeping Development, Michael Rechner (Goalkeeper Coach 1st Team TSG Hoffenheim), Fabian Otte (Goalkeeper Coach 1st Team Borussia Mönchengladbach)

For whom is this course suitable: For all coaches, goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers who want to get up to date tactically.

Available languages: English, German
Duration: 4 hours
Certificate: Yes

EUR 99,00 - Buy
Price for software users: EUR 79,00 - Buy

Course Technique


Course description: This course contains all relevant topics around the technique of the goalkeeper in goalkeeping. What techniques are there? How are they executed cleanly? How does the requirement profile technique look like and why? These and many other questions are answered with the help of statistics, game scenes, slow motion videos and expert interviews.

Experts: Goalkeeping Development, Michael Rechner (Goalkeeper Coach 1st-team TSG Hoffenheim), Steffen Krebs (Goalkeeper Coach 1st-team VfB Stuttgart)

For whom is this course suitable: For goalkeeper coaches, who would like to continue their education. For goalkeepers, who want to improve their own techniques. For all those, who want to understand goalkeeping better.

Available languages: English, German
Duration: 3 hours
Certificate: Yes

Price: EUR 99,00 - Buy
Price for software users: EUR 79,00 - Buy

Course Goalkeeper Coaches


Course description: This course is only available for our software customers. And it's free! It includes exclusive interviews, webinars and complete training sessions by internationally successful goalkeeper coaches. You don't know our goalkeeping software yet? Test it now with our trial month.

Experts: Fabian Otte, Steffen Krebs, Michael Rechner, Andrey Shpilev, David Thiel, Pascal Formann, Phil Wheddon, Peter den Otter, Hans Leitert, Stefan Loch, Jyri Nieminen, Ricardo Leite, Giorgos Skiathitis, Christian Neitzert, Dennis Neudahm.

For whom is this course suitable: For software users only!

Available languages: English, German
Duration: 12,5 hours
Certificate: No

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