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Plan your training

Get ideas for your goalkeeping training from more than 160 exercise videos and a growing pool of training plans and graphics. Draw your own exercises with our 3D graphic program and share them via your social media channels or manage them in your own exercise pool. Details
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Documentation / Analysis

Document your training and games end get recommendations from our analysis. Individualize your statistics by adding your own goalkeeping philosophy!
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Digital Coaching

Receive every Friday exercise videos and tips on your phone. Receive a new training plan every week to get ideas for your training. Chat with our experts from German Bundesliga via WhatsApp.
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EUR 54,99 (USD 60) / Quarter
EUR 199 (USD 229) / Year


We integrated 20 new video tutorials in our software!
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"Goalkeeping Development is more than just a software!

Your companion. Your support system that is irreplaceable because of its highest technology.
We help you plan and analyse your training, we are your partner in preparing for games, we give you inspiration and we are always there for you - 24/7.
We want to provide you with everything you need surrounding goalkeeping. So that you never lose focus."
Goalkeeping Development founder Michael Rechner (1st team goalkeeper coach at TSG Hoffenheim, Bundesliga) 
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