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Workbook 1 + 2 with 75 exercise videos

You will find 75 drawn exercises for your goalkeeper training in a 3D perspective in each workbook. This way you will get lots of new ideas for your training, which you can bring with you and directly use it at the court.

  • The books contain a ring binding to practically turn the pages in a handy DIN A5 format.
  • Each book contains 75 exercises out of the topics distribution, basic techniques, push-off, 1 versus 1 and crosses and sweeping.
  • Total number of exercises: 150!
  • In addition to the graphics, each exercise contains a detailed description and indications for execution and duration.
  • The exercises are suitable for all ages and all performance levels.
  • Language: English

Delivery time: 5-6 working days

Buying this package you will additionaly get 75 exercise videos!

  • Get access to our login area and open all videos at any time with your PC or notebook (all browsers).
  • Watch the 75 videos from everywhere you are, you simply need a mobile phone or tablet (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • After your purchase it takes up to 24 hours until you will get permanent acces to the 75 videos.
  • Software users pay attention: this videos are already included in your software licence!

74,90 €
plus delivery costs