Trainings equipment

Filippi Wall - EUR 455

  • Strength material - extremely resilient
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Strong hold on each ground
  • Easily transportable because of the strong handle
  • Individual usage due to the inculded additional angle
  • Dimensions: 160 cm wide x 50 cm high

Filippi Shield - EUR 149
With the Filippi Shield, head-ball, free-kick and flank situations can be trained much more precisely. The trainer can control the angle of the rebound and thus keep the goalkeeper in training new challenges.

Even a good player can not perform headballs and shots with the precision required in the training. However, this precision is required if the goalkeeper training is to be carried out efficiently. With the Filippi Shield the trainer now has a tool that gives him the necessary precision in the training.

Technical data:

  • Diameter 450 mm
  • Material thickness 20 mm
  • Weight 2.550 g
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Rounded edges
  • Elastic special plastic for precise rebound behavior

Filippi Push - EUR 239

Developed together with goalkeeping coach legend Claudio Filippi, Juventus F.C. Full Contact System, one against one situations, realistic obstacle for high crosses. Train without risking injuries. Train on the highest level. Train like a pro. Proven AIR-Body quality combined with innovative ideas. Bring your training to a new level.

Technical data
Hight: 165 cm
Weight: 860 g
2 handles

AIR-Body Senior - EUR 400 

  • The AIR-Body gets stability through having air pumped into it
  • The risk of injury is reduced to a minimum
  • Virtually indestructible plastic film used in medical engineering and space technology
  • No discoloring or loss of steadiness due to UV-radiation
  • Temperature resistant from -20 to +80 degrees Celsius
  • Reinforced welding technique, no weakening of the welded seam as usually happens with PVC
  • Quick and easy setup (30 seconds) due to our special valve technology
  • Double strength material at the bottom – Extremely resilient
  • Individual usage due to our flexible plug-in system
  • Realistic embodiment of the proportions of a real opposite player.

Senaptec Strobe - 499 Euro
Training glasses to improve your level of awareness, distractibility and perception

  • The lenses flicker between clear and opaque
  • Wear the glasses to train areas such as opening play, basic techniques and crosses
  • They limit your perception and make it more difficult to implement your training forms
  • Modify the perception limitations simply by pressing a button on the digital display

Usage tips by Goalkeeping Development
Adults may use the glasses up to 3 days per week (children once per week) for no longer than 20 minutes in controlled modes (start of game, basic techniques, crosses).

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