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Michael is the creative mind and founder behind Goalkeeping Development. As a former shot-stopper (for Hamburg among others), sports scientist, A-license coach and current first-team goalkeeping coach at Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim, he has made it his mission to develop the art of goalkeeping.


Ellen is the organisational leader at Goalkeeping Development. As a business graduate (Diploma), she has many years of experience in the customer business and is responsible, among other things, for account management, marketing and sales.


Dennis is a full-time goalkeeping coach at the TSG Hoffenheim academy. He is a sports scientist who has published twice on specialist topics related to goalkeeping (Bachelor and Master).


Daniel is a sports scientist and former professional goalkeeper at Holstein Kiel, among other clubs. He coordinates uhlsport keeper academy, as well as the divisions rent a coach and events. 


Alina is an industrial management assistant and has studied economic sciences. She supports our account management, marketing, sales and is responsible for managing and developing our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


You have an idea how you can enrich our team? You possess some sector-specific know-how that you are willing to demonstrate to us? You want to discuss the possibilities of a potential cooperation? Then don't hesitate to convince us!


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